Sim unlock chip for iPhone


Please Provide your complete mailing address in the note section on the following page! Shipping to USA only.  The  New ICCID 89014104279605344274

iPhone unlock SIM card


These Chips will be mailed to your Confirmed address in the USA. (Sorry we do not offer international shipping)

This is an Unlock Chip (Physical Item) which will be mailed to the confirmed billing address.  Free worldwide shipping!
All features of your iPhone will be working 100% including LTE, Facetime, iMessage etc. Guaranteed from premature failure for up to 12 months
Every customer should know that an iOS update, switching SIM cards or Factory Reset/ Restore can make your unlock no longer work only if there is an incompatible future iOS update. There is no refunds for incompatible iOS updates.

Installing aftermarket equipment on your iPhone will void your warranty. Make sure to remove the unlock chip before presenting your iPhone to an Apple certified technician or otherwise risk losing your warranty.
Please note, that the chip will be emailed to your confirmed paypal or credit card billing address. Typically, the card is mailed out within 48 hours, and depending on where you live it should arrive by regular mail

Current active ICCID codes:

Last updated: June 20, 2020

How do I use ICCID codes with R-SIM to unlock an iPhone?

  1. Insert SIM with RSIM
  2. Call *5005*7672*00# (Note: With RSIM 15 and 14+, you don’t need to dial this. The menu will pop up automatically)
  3. Choose Edit ICCID (at the bottom under carrier list)
  4. Input the 20 DIGIT ICCID CODE:ICCID 89014104279605344274 (or find the latest ICCID code above ^^)
  5. Then reboot the phone
  6. Everything will work as usual

Works on iOS 13.5 and up!



What does the ICCID do?

You may have heard a rumor that with R-SIM you can’t update your phone to the newest iOS. This is absolutely untrue! Current RSIM models allow you to update to the most recent iOS at any time. The only catch? You may need to go back to the menu and enter a new ICCID.

We think this one minute of extra work a couple times per year is well worth the flexibility and low price of unlocking an iPhone with RSIM!

The ICCID code rotates regularly, but you can always find the most recent ICCID on this page, for free.

1 .Insert your sim card with chip

2. Enter to Emergency call – Long press to home button and release ( Side button for Iphone X )

3. Dial *5005*7672*00#    or      *5005*7672*88#

4.Choose “Edit ICCID input”: and enter this 20 digit code