Unlock ZTE Phone by IMEI

If your Phone Asks for  a Network Unlock Code, we can provide you with that code to enable you to use the phone with other Network Carriers.

Start by Selecting the Network that your Phone is from and NOT the Network you would like to use it on. Then Click the red  CHECK PRICE button.

zte unlock code

4 Steps to Unlock a ZTE Phone


Select the Name of the Country and Carrier that your phone is locked with presently.


Find your Device IMEI number by Dialing *#06# on your iPhone Dialer.


Submit your order and payment on the Following page and wait for us to email you the unlock code.


Once you receive our email SIMPLY follow the directions we have provided to insert the Code.

Unlock ZTE Phone reviews

wow good stuff
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unlocking my zte was painless. I had the tmobile unlock app on it and no unlock software was needed, simply click permanent unlock and it worked
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I requested code for ZTE Maven 3, they were able to process and send code in couple of hours. It worked ! I need to unlock couple of other phones. I am happy to go back to unlockbase.com
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Usa. Excelente trabajo lo recomiendo me ayudaron
very good service!
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great service!, I recommend it
muchas gracias
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muchas gracias si funciona correctamente buen servicio 😉
works now!
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I had to unlock zte zinger and i need it to work on vodafone india and it did, thank you!!
keep coming back
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Used them for unlocking LG G6 last year and they unlock samsung for me a few years ago, Now i got 2 zte models and they both got unlocked fine no problems here, thank you
So easy
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thank you

Why Choose UnlockMySIM.com ?

Fastest Solution

Each Country, Network and Model combination has different timings.  We ensure the fastest possible wait times.

Permanent Unlock

All unlocking solutions are permanent and safe.  We use the same unlock method as the manufacturer.

All Models Supported

We can unlock Models where others fail. We boast a  95% retrieval rate. Get it done right the first time. Get Unlocked Now!

Competitive Pricing

We want phone unlocking to be an affordable option for everyone.  Please compare our prices with our competitors.

Customer Support

Our team of experts are always  here to answer your questions and help you along the way. Send us a message now!

How to Unlock ZTE Phone by IMEI

How to unlock a ZTE ( ex: Grand X V970) :

  1. Insert a non-supported SIM card into the device and turn it on.
  2. The message “Enter the Network Unlock code” will appear. Enter the network lock code and press OK.
  3. The message “SIM Network Unlock Successful” will appear once the device has been unlocked.

Important note: after five attempts to unlock the device, it will be permanently locked to the UnlockMySim.com network.

Permanent Solution

Use an IMEI check service to make sure your ZTE phone is not blacklisted.  The unlocking process is easy.  Select the exact model when using the specified unlock instructions in order to get the phone prompt for the network unlock screen. If your contract has an unpaid bill, no worriers we can still provide the unlock code to you.  Before inserting the code it is recommended to power down your device using the power button, upon restarting the phone simply enter the 16 digit network unlock code that we provided. and that’s it your phone is unlocked. 

About ZTE

ZTE  is a Chinese multinational corporation that sells telecommunications equipment and mobile devices.  ZTE,  was initially named Zhongxing Semiconductor Co., Ltd in 1985.  It was later incorporated by a group of investors associated with China’s Ministry of Aerospace Industry.  It’s head office is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. ZTE primarily sold devices under its own name, but it is also an OEM. ZTE is one of the top five largest smartphone manufacturers in its home market. 
We can have the code and phone unlocked in only a few minutes. Unlocked Phones are more useful as you can use them on other network carriers.  Get your Unlocked ZTE phone now!

Unlocked ZTE Phone models:

ZTE blade a320 ZTE blade a462
ZTE blade c341 ZTE e200 vibe
ZTE blade a3 blade d6 litee
ZTE Zmax Pro ZTE Vital N9810
ZTE Blade 10 Prime ZTE Blade A7 Prime
ZTE Blade A5 2019 ZTE Blade A7
ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G ZTE Blade V10
ZTE Blade A5 2019 ZTE Blade A7
ZTE Axon 9 Pro ZTE A530
ZTE nubia Z11 Max ZTE Grand X2 In
ZTE Axon 7 ZTE Grand X Quad V987
vGrand X Max 2 ZTE Blade III Pro
ZTE nubia Z11 ZTE Geek V975
ZTE nubia Z11 mini ZTE Grand Memo V9815
ZTE Blade L5 Plus ZTE Open
ZTE Blade V Plus ZTE Blade C V807
ZTE Blade V7 ZTE Director
ZTE Blade A2 ZTE V81
ZTE Blade V7 Lite ZTE Grand S
ZTE Axon Max ZTE Avid 4G
ZTE nubia Prague S ZTE V889M
ZTE Grand X 3 ZTE V887
ZTE Avid Plus ZTE Kis III V790
ZTE Blade X9 ZTE nubia Z5
ZTE Blade X5 ZTE Flash
ZTE Blade X3 ZTE Anthem 4G
ZTE Axon Watch ZTE Warp Sequent
ZTE Axon ZTE Grand Era U895
ZTE Blade S7 ZTE Blade III
ZTE Axon mini ZTE Grand X IN
ZTE Zmax 2 ZTE N880E
ZTE Axon Elite ZTE Grand X LTE T82
ZTE nubia My Prague ZTE Grand X V970
ZTE Axon Lux ZTE U880E
ZTE Boost Max+ ZTE Score M
ZTE Blade A460 ZTE Light Tab 300
ZTE Blade D6 ZTE V96
ZTE Axon Pro ZTE PF 100
ZTE Blade A410 ZTE T98
ZTE Obsidian ZTE Light Tab 3 V9S
ZTE Grand X2 ZTE Era
ZTE Sonata 2 ZTE PF112 HD
ZTE Blade Apex 3 ZTE Skate Acqua
ZTE Maven ZTE Orbit
ZTE Blade Q Pro ZTE Kis V788
ZTE Blade Qlux 4G ZTE V880E
ZTE nubia Z9 ZTE Nova 3.5
ZTE Blade S6 Plus ZTE Nova 4 V8000
ZTE nubia Z9 Max ZTE Nova Messenger
ZTE nubia Z9 mini ZTE Style Q
ZTE Open L ZTE Style Messanger
ZTE Grand S3 ZTE V875
ZTE Blade L3 Plus ZTE Blade II V880+
ZTE Blade L3 ZTE N910
ZTE Blade G Lux ZTE PF200

ZTE Blade GZTE Optik
ZTE V5 LuxZTE Light Tab 2 V9A
ZTE Blade S6ZTE Light Tab V9C
ZTE Imperial IIZTE FTV Phone
ZTE Grand X Max+ZTE Chorus
ZTE Star 2ZTE Memo
ZTE Grand X Plus Z826ZTE Tania
ZTE SpeedZTE Warp
ZTE Grand S IIZTE Score
ZTE Grand S ProZTE Avail
ZTE ZingerZTE V9+
ZTE Grand XmaxZTE V9
ZTE ZmaxZTE N721
ZTE Blade Vec 4GZTE Skate
ZTE Blade Vec 3GZTE V821
ZTE Kis 3 MaxZTE Amigo
ZTE nubia Z5S mini NX405HZTE Racer II
ZTE nubia Z7ZTE U900
ZTE nubia Z7 MaxZTE Libra
ZTE nubia Z7 miniZTE Rio
ZTE Blade L2ZTE Blade
ZTE Kis 3ZTE Sage
ZTE Blade G2ZTE X990D
ZTE Redbull V5 V9180ZTE N290
ZTE Star 1ZTE N280
ZTE nubia X6ZTE R230
ZTE Grand Memo II LTEZTE R228 Dual SIM
ZTE Open CZTE R228
ZTE Iconic PhabletZTE R220
ZTE Sonata 4GZTE S213
ZTE Grand S II S291ZTE Salute F350
ZTE nubia Z5SZTE F107
ZTE nubia Z5S mini NX403AZTE E N72
ZTE Grand S FlexZTE Racer
ZTE Blade Q MaxiZTE F951
ZTE Blade QZTE X990
ZTE Blade Q MiniZTE Bingo
ZTE Warp 4GZTE X760
ZTE Blade VZTE E811
ZTE Blade G V880GZTE Raise
ZTE ReefZTE Xiang
ZTE ImperialZTE A261
ZTE S302ZTE F870
ZTE F233ZTE F600
ZTE F912ZTE F103
ZTE F952ZTE F101
ZTE F928ZTE F100
ZTE Coral200 Sollar


Unlocking a ZTE Phone has never been easier!

To avoid any complications make sure you are able to access the lock screen prior to ordering. Once the device is sim unlocked the ZTE cell phone will work on all compatible GSM networks worldwide.  Select your phone to get started!

Blacklist Check Service

Our blacklist check service will tell you which carrie reported it.

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