EMEA Unlock iPhone Service (All)


Using this service we will factory unlock your EMEA iPhone for use on all networks worldwide.

Why Does EMEA mean? E.M.E.A is an acronym for Europe Middle East Africa. For Apple products Next Tether: EMEA Service is a network locked policy assigned to some phones sold in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa only.

Your lock policy must say Carrier: EMEA Locked Activation Policy / Next Tether Policy: 55
If you are not sure about this do not order without contacting us first.

This is a network unlock service only. No refunds for iCloud locked phones (check before ordering)

Processing time:  1 to 5 days.

“Next Tether: EMEA Service”. What does that mean?

EMEA is an abbreviation for Europe, the Middle East and Africa which is a regional designation used for government, marketing and business purposes.

Next tether: emea service. What network carrier is EMEA? is it 3, t-mobile, orange, O2?

EMEA is not a carrier and it is none of those providers mentioned. EMEA is a unique lock policy for iPhones sold in the EMEA region which is Europe, Middle East and Africa. The next tether: EMEA service is a region lock policy that applies to iPhones sold in specific territories. The phone will be locked to the first eligible sim card from any European, Middle Eastern, or African provider. When you initially activate this iPhone (as a new phone), activate it with a carrier that has a favorable unlocking policy; otherwise, it may be more difficult to network unlock it later. Order our EMEA iPhone Unlock service to remove carrier limitations from any EMEA iPhone, regardless of the nation or carrier it was activated with. iPhones sold in these countries may have their carriers marked as EMEA in Apple’s database, and may not necessarily be tied to a specific carrier.

Using this service we will factory unlock your EMEA iPhone for use on all networks worldwide.

Example of an Apple reports with an EMEA policy:

Model Description: SVC IPHONE 13 PRO MAX ROW 256G BLU CI/AR
IMEI: 35478625848XXXX
IMEI 2: 354786257661XXX
Serial Number: VL92Y4MXXX
Estimated Purchase Date: 2022-03-29
Demo Unit: No
Carrier: EMEA Locked Activation Policy
Next Tether Policy: 55
Country: NA (Europe/Middle East)
Sim-Lock: Locked

How to Unlock an iPhone with EMEA next tether policy?

This is a service for unlocking all iPhones locked in EMEA Service – all models are supported.

This service may not provide immediate results. You must wait 1-5 days for us to finish the unlocking procedure.

When the order is completed, you will get a “unlocked” notice by e-mail (if you are not a registered user the e-mail will be sent to your PAYPAL ID). Then follow the steps below to sync the phone.

We cannot cancel an order after it has been submitted, so please do not submit if you are unable to wait (1-5 working days for this service).

MAKE AN ORDER (enter your IMEI below and click “Order”)

Once your order has been marked completed on our website do the following:

Switch on Wi-Fi on your iPhone and activate it with a new sim card, it will be unlock  automatically on all new iPhone Models starting with iPhone X and newer.

However, if it does not work or if you have an older model, follow the procedures below.

Start your iPhone with an unsupported sim card.

Install and then start the iTunes program on a computer with Internet connectivity.

Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable.

After finding the device, iTunes will begin the unlocking procedure, which may take a few seconds to a few minutes (depending on the speed of Internet connection),

The procedure will conclude with the notification “unlock is successful” – or something similar depending on the language and version of iTunes used.

If the procedures outlined above do not provide the desired results, you will need to restore your iPhone to factory settings.


Under  the GSX report your phone should say the following:

Carrier: EMEA Locked Activation Policy
Next Tether Policy: 55
Country: NA (Europe/Middle East)
Sim-Lock: Locked

nextTetherPolicyDetails : EMEA

initialActivationPolicyDetails : EMEA

appliedActivationPolicyID: EMEA

Please email us a copy of the GSX report with your Order.

If you do not have one, order the GSX report from us first and then once you have the result order the EMEA iPhone unlock service from us.