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You are ordering a Remote service To remove the Google Account for Samsung Devices. We will need to connect to your computer. Before ordering Download:    Then Open Flexihub.exe > Login  With token TOKEN: b68845702d34cc68d8f67dd818198f429af48f1a

Once you have your phone connected then provide the PC name and COM port number  (found in Felxihub) * Leave in it the NOTES section at checkout. Once you have done this, then you can order this service.

This is a remote service that requires our technician to connect to your computer remotely.

If you are unable to get into your phone because of a Google Lock and you don’t know your email and password, we can remove the email account from your Samsung phone.

You will plug in your Samsung Phone into a WINDOWS computer ( MAC not supported) and then Chat with us on FlexiHub.  You will need to stay online for 1 hour until we are available. Once we connect to your device the process will only take 5 minutes.

How to bypass Google Account Verification on Samsung devices 

It is definitely very annoying to be stuck at the Google Account Verification window after you’ve reset your device, especially when you no longer remember the Google Account details you fed in previously. The need to bypass Samsung Google Account Verification step during the setting up process on your tablet/smartphone is very well founded and we understand the inconvenience caused to you if you are prevented from proceeding further without submitting your Google ID and password.

Since the “Next” option on the Google Account Verification screen remains grayed out until you type in your e-mail/phone and password, here are ways to bypass Samsung’s step to verify your Google Account.


Bypass Google Account on Samsung with Bypass tool:

Place an order on our website then follow the steps below:

Download FlexiHub on your PC or Laptop & install the Flexihub.exe.

Make sure Samsung Driver‘s are Installed on your PC or Laptop.

Lets Turn On (Normal Mode) your Samsung Device.

Open Flexihub.exe > Login  With this token  TOKEN: b68845702d34cc68d8f67dd818198f429af48f1a

Contact us  [ FlexiHub Live chat ]  after you have placed your order.

After 5 min > The Google Account will be removed.


Bypass Samsung lock screen with – Screen Unlock (Android)

Read before ordering:

If you do not have a WINDOWS computer or you do not have a stable internet connection then DO NOT buy this service from us please ! 

We need to connect to your computer, to remove the FRP lock/Google account remotely. If you feel not comfortable with remote connection,  please DO NOT buy this service from us !

We will fully(100%) refund you if failing to remove the FRP lock/Google account on your phone.


Open Flexihub.exe > Login  With token TOKEN: b68845702d34cc68d8f67dd818198f429af48f1a

From Flexihub program, once you have your phone connected then provide the below info which is found in the flexihub software:

– PC name

– and COM port number

Leave in it the NOTES section

Once you are connected and provided the information than we can initiate a chat request in flexihub itself