Unlock J:COM iPhone Japan

$50.00 $19.97

Supported Models: iPhone 6s / SE / SE 2nd Generation and iPhone 7

Supported Devices (J:COM iPhone)

Supported Models:

iPhone SE
iPhone SE 2nd Gen.
iPhone 6s
iPhone 7


* Refunds are not possible if the IMEI or carrier is incorrect or the model is not compatible.
* IMEI cannot be changed or canceled after the order is confirmed.


Network Unlock J:COM iPhones.


The processing time is usually 1 to 3 days, but please note that in some rare cases it may take up to 5 business days to get an unlock code.

Wrong IMEI/Carrier/Phone Model, we will not refund.


How to Unlock  JCOM iPhone to Work on Another GSM Network


Do you have an iPhone JCOM from Japan? will help you unlock your J:COM iPhone from another Fast and Simple Service Provider. The procedure is simple and the very same system will be used by the carriers and other approved repair shops to unlock your J:COM iPhone. This is perfect for traveling and buying a local sim card to save on roaming costs, or just to turn to better service providers. We will unlock all iPhone from JCOMregardless of the status of your account.

When we unlock your J:COM iPhone, it will stay unlocked for as long as your iPhone works.

Requirements before unlocking a JCOM iPhone:

The iPhone must be activated with its original carrier

Must have access to the iCloud account on the phone to turn off the IMF
Unlock your instructions


1.Install the newest edition of iTunes

2 . Make sure your phone is updated to the new official version of iTunes.

3. Connect your phone to iTunes with a SIM card not approved (not valid)

4.Wait until iTunes has identified the phone

5. Now disconnect your phone and reconnect after 10 seconds.

6.The phone is unlocked



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