MetroPCS Unlock Code


MetroPCS Unlock Code service

No Phones with UNLOCK APP are supported. Go here for phones made after 2016 with Unlock APP

Out of stock

Buy Unlock Code for MetroPCS Phones

Not supported:

No iPhones

No CDMA phones

No Phones with UNLOCK APP are supported

Supported USA Networks: MetroPCs ONLY.

If your phone has the unlock APP installed, then it wont accept factory codes.

Please use the Metro PCS Unlock APP service instead.

No refunds for codes generated when UNLOCK APP was needed instead. Check before ordering.

In case the code doesn’t work, please try samsung troubleshooting steps provided under the instructions page. Codes are 100% correct and in 99.99% cases the issues are solved after following troubleshooting steps.

NO REFUND.If the code doesn’t work, it’s because your phone has issues. You will get the same code from everyone in the world.

If your phone is made after 2016, it needs the unlock APP service found here:

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