Unlock code for Mobilicity Canada


Mobilicity Network Unlocking Service

Not Supported Models: iPhones, Sony, Blackberry with RDV number.

No refund for not supported models, blacklisted phones and hardlocked phones and phones that do not ask for an unlock code.

Make sure your phone asks for unlock code.
1) Samsung: Make sure your phone asks for ” Network Unlock Code/PIN”  only. No other code will be provided by this method. Use the  Unlock service for Samsung Canada (All Level) method for phones which asks for other codes.
2) Blackberry: Make sure your phone has PRD number on the back of the phone (under battery). No Refund for the phones with RDV number on it. Code will not work with RDV numbered phones. Use Blackberry Worldwide Service for that.
3) Most Sony phones need Service provider code so use Sony All Level Unlock method for those.