SoftBank (Y!mobile) Japan – Carrier Status Check Service – Clean / Unpaid / Blacklist


Blacklisted or  Not found / Not Softbank : it is Not Supported (Do not order our unlocking services)

This service will not unlock your phone, it will only show the Finance status as Clean or Unpaid.

Models made before 2016 cannot be network unlocked regardless of the status

Carrier status check

To Network unlock a phone under our SoftBank Network unlock service the phone must be clean, used on SoftBank for 100 days or more, and must be newer than 2016.

For more details see Softbank Unlock service

For inside Japan

This is a IMEI Check for Softbank. You well get a result as 〇 (Clean) , △ (Unpaid) × (Blacklisted) or – (Not found / Not Softbank)
If the results show:
〇 or △ : it is Supported to apply for unlocking

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