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Argentina / Brazil / Colombia / Costa Rica / Chile/Dominican Republic / Ecuador / El Salvador / Guatemala/Honduras / Jamaica / Nicaragua / Panama / Paraguay / Peru / Puerto Rico / Uruguay

How to Unlock Claro iPhone to use on other GSM Networks


Are you looking for a permanent, official and factory Claro unlock iphone solution?

Has your Claro iPhone stopped working and gives “sim card not supported” error on
the screen when you use a new Sim?

When this shows, it means that your Claro iPhone is still carrier locked and cannot be
used with other cellular networks. is a professional and reliable phone unlocking service provider that
will help you to factory unlock Claro iPhone so you that you’ll be able to use the carrier of
your choice. We are one of the only service provider offering permanent factory unlocking
for Claro iPhones.

Once your iPhone is unlocked, it will remain unlocked for as long as your iPhone

Unlock iPhone from Claro

Argentina / Brazil / Colombia / Costa Rica / Chile

Dominican Republic / Ecuador / El Salvador / Guatemala

Honduras / Jamaica / Nicaragua / Panama / Paraguay / Peru / Puerto Rico / Uruguay

 We have been providing unlocking services for Claro iPhones for over 10 years.

We can Unlock All Firmware Versions of Claro iPhones and iOS versions. If your iPhone is currently locked on Claro Network Carrier, after the completion of permanent
unlocking service it will be fully operational on any GSM Network Carrier. This is the only “lifetime” Claro phone unlock solution for Claro iPhones because the IMEI of your
iPhone is registered as “Unlocked” in Apple database. When you get your phone unlocked from a professional unlocker, it will stay unlocked after each new update of your phone firmware.


Unlock Argentina iPhone

Unlock Brazil iPhone

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Unlock Chile iPhone

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Unlock Ecuador iPhone

Unlock El Salvador iPhone

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Unlock Jamaica iPhone

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Unlock Uruguay iPhone


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