Unlock OPPO Phone


Only dual sim models are supported. We will provide the network unlock code. Make sure you can access the lock screen by dialing   *#3988691#

All OPPO models are supported that have dual sim (2 SIM cards)

Single Sim devices are not supported! 

Do not order this service if you cannot get your phone to prompt for a network unlock code OR your OPPO has only a single SIM card slot.   It is not supported and we may not be able to provide a refund in such a case.

Before ordering verify that the phone asks for code!

How to Unlock OPPO Phone by Unlock Code::

Dial this on your phone  as if you are making a phone call   *#3988691#

After dialing the above shortcode, your Oppon phone should display a POP up asking for a network unlock code.

Insert the code we provided and Click OK.

Your Oppo phone is now unlocked and free to use with other sim cards (on compatible networks only).

All Latest OPPO Models that have dual sim are supported including:

Unlock OPPO A31

Unlock OPPO A91

Unlock OPPO A52

Unlock  OPPO A9 2020

Unlock OPPO Reno2 Z

Unlock OPPO Find X2

Unlock OPPO Reno 5G

Unlock OPPO A5 2020

And many more!


Check Network compatibility with your new provider before ordering as your new provider may not support the same frequency bands.