Network Unlock Verizon iPhone 13/ 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max / 13 Mini


This will not remove iCloud lock. Make sure you have the Apple ID password before ordering and Check the blacklist status.  Blacklisted phones will be blocked and not work even if unlocked.

Processing time: 1 to 10 days

Out of stock


USA Verizon iPhone 13-  Verizon iPhone 13 Pro, Verizon iPhone 13Pro Max, Verizon iPhone 13 Mini  Premium service with Lifetime Warranty
  • Must have Verizon iPhone policy

Typically 1 to 3 days processing time.


How to unlock Verizon iPhone 13 in 2021

First make sure your Phone was sold by Verizon only and that it doesn’t have a different activation policy.

Please Check here if its recognized as a verizon device before you submit your order:

– No refund for wrong carrier.

If your device does not activate by the usual activation process, you need to do following procedure for Verizon devices since they work on different frequency bands.

After you receive confirmation of unlock, RESTORE the device to latest ios version in iTunes with a NON USA SIM Card in the phone, the device will be unlocked and can be used outside the USA thereafter

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