Service to unlock an AT&T phone Financed / under contract / unpaid bills (Premium)


Supported: In contract, Upgrade, AT&T Next Plan,Unpaid bills and most not found models for phones that ask automatically for an unlock code.

iPhone is not supported under this service ( do not order)

Processing time: 2 to 15 business days

ATT Unlock service for phone’s that are not eligible or still in Contract

Supported: In contract, Upgrade, AT&T Next Plan, and most not found models.

This is the World’s ONLY Permanent Factory Unlocking Solutions for At&t devices

For Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG and all other Android phones that ask for  network unlock code.

ONLY the network code will be provided, of your phone is blocked or blacklisted do not order this service. It will not remove the block or blacklist.

Please make sure your phone prompts for a network code before ordering.

Network Unlocked Blacklisted devices won’t work in the USA or Canada, only in some limited countries overseas.

This Unlock service for phone’s that are not eligible or still in Contract

You can order this service even if you get the following messages from AT&T website:

Unlock request denied

If we deny your request, to become eligible to unlock your device, you can:
•Complete your contract or installment plan (including early termination fees).
•Pay off an installment plan early and then make another unlock request after 24 hours.
•If you upgraded your device before the contract or installment plan ended, wait 14 days after the upgrade to unlock your old device. Business customers must wait 30 days.
•AT&T PREPAID℠ (formerly GoPhone®) devices must complete at least 6 months of active service.


The Unlocking Process

  1. Fill out the unlock form with your device details
  2. Once we have received your request form, we will start the process of unlocking your iPhone
  3. Our automated system will email you the ATT Unlock results when it’s ready.
  4. Follow the unlock instructions emailed to you. Follow our how-to unlock walkthrough.