AT&T IMEI blacklist removal service


This service converts your AT&T USA IMEI from Blacklisted/Lost/Stolen to Clean in the GSMA Database.

It is not a network unlock service.

It will not remove any block due to unpaid bills.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your phone shows as reported Lost / Stolen (Blacklisted) on the AT&T website AND our service called Blacklist Pro Check shows the phone was Blacklisted by AT&T (No refund is offered if you order this service anyways and it is not blacklisted by AT&T USA)

Processing time: 5 to 15 days

Out of stock

This service converts your AT&T IMEI from Blacklisted/Lost/Stolen to Clean.

This is not a NETWORK UNLOCKING service

This service works for iPhone and Android models as well.

It will not remove unpaid bills from your account, it will not remove any account blocks associated with unpaid balances, it will simply remove the Lost/ Stolen status.

This does not guarantee that you can network unlock your phone after it has been cleaned,  you still have to meet AT&T network unlock eligibility requirements.

This service only has a 5 day warranty. So if someone reports it stolen again after 5 days, there will be no refund and you would need to pay again to get it cleaned.

Before ordering check to make sure it was blacklisted by AT&T (use our service below)

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