Network Unlock Method for Google Pixel Android 11 only


You are only buying the unlock instructions. You will need a Windows PC and we will provide the instructions, drivers and a few CMD commands only.

IMPORTANT: this will not unlock your bootloader, you will only be able to use other sim cards.

This service will unlock the Google Pixel  with Android 11.

Using a Windows Computer Unlock your android 11 (pixel only) device using this method.

This is a bypass / tethered / soft unlock only, it will relock after a factory reset.

You can unlock as many Pixel phones as you like using this method as long as they are on Android 11.

After unlocking, you can do OTA updates but if you reset device or upgrade passed Android 11, it will be relocked.

However you can unlock it again FREE OF COST using this method as long as you are still on Android 11.

It’s not possible to Enabled ‘OEM Unlocking’ for unlocking your Bootloader. 

It is simply one line of command:pm uninstall -k –user 0

Please read the instructions carefully before ordering.

This is a network unlock service. It will remove any network restrictions on your phone allowing you to use it with other network providers / other telecom’s sim cards.

This service supports the following phones:

The following Google devices are supported as long as they are using Android 11:


              • Google Pixel 3
              • 3 XL
              • 3a
              • 3a XL
              • 4
              • 4 XL
              • 4a
              • 4a 5G
              • 5 5G


Be careful, If you order and you are on a different Android version you will not be refunded!

If you are not comfortable performing the below steps please do not order this service.

How to Unlock a Google Pixel Phone using this method:

Note: Android 11 is the only version that is supported! You must first update to Android 11! Only PCs running Windows are supported!

1. Ensure that your phone is running Android Version 11.
2. Turn OFF any screen passcodes or screen locks (fingerprint or pin) on your device
3.  Remove FRP lock on your phone
4. Download and install the Google USB drivers for your computer here:

5. Remove the SIM card and perform a complete Factory Reset on your phone ( warning: everything will be erased. Please backup your data on the cloud or externally)

Pixel Factory reset method 1:

Dial *2767*3855#  and press the call button

          Pixel Factory reset method 2:

  1. Open the Settings. Scroll down and tap Backup and reset. Tap Factory data reset.
  2. Scroll down and tap Reset.
  3. Enter your PIN or Password.
  4. Tap Delete all.

6. Do not connect Wifi and do not insert a SIM card after the reset. You should not be connected to the internet.

NOTE: If you only get emergency calls, it means you skipped a step above.

7. Enable Developer options on your Phone +  enable Adb USB Debugging from the settings.

—> Turn on Developer Options and USB debugging by following these steps:

Open the Settings app.

Select System

Scroll to the bottom and select About phone.

Scroll to the bottom and tap Build number 7 times.

Return to the previous screen to find Developer options near the bottom. Scroll down and enable Adb USB Debugging 

8. Temporarily disable any antivirus software from your computer

9. Download Download SDK Platform-Tools for Windows and then UNZIP or EXTRACT it to  the C:\  drive folder on your Computer.   Copy the path of the folder  example:  C:\platform-tools  or  C:\platform-tools_r31.0.2-windows\platform-tools   

10. The remaining steps will involve opening command prompt [CDM] in Windows and typing in a few lines of code that we will provide.

11. Once unlocked, Disconnect your Phone from the Computer and Hold down the power button. Select Restart. Once your device has been restarted it will be permanently network unlocked and can be used with other GSM sim cards.

That’s all, Enjoy your Unlocked Pixel Phone!

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Google Pixel Windows USB Drivers:


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