Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Z Fold 4 Network Unlock Code


Supports all Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Z Fold 4 with GSM capabilities that prompt automatically for an unlock code.


*Make sure the phone prompts for a sim network unlock pin automatically. T-Mobile USA, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T device unlock APP (prepaid), MyCricket APP locked phones not supported.

Process time: 1 to 7 business days


Official Samsung Unlock service for Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Z Fold 4


How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Galaxy Z Fold 4 with 16 digit unlock code:

  1. Make sure to turn off Wi-Fi under wireless connections for all Android Devices before proceeding to enter the Unlock code. Also, make sure the phone is not in Airplane mode.
  2. Insert an unauthorized Sim Card into the device (a SIM card from a different company)
  3. Power on the device
  4. Enter the Sim Network Unlock Pin when prompted
  5. The Device should now be unlocked if the phone says UNLOCK SUCCESSFUL

WARNING: Your device must prompt for a network unlock code upon inserting a foreign sim card. If your device does NOT prompt for a code, then it cannot be unlocked by one. If still ordered, you will NOT be refunded!

Why should I unlock my SAMSUNG Galaxy z flip 4 or Galaxy Z Fold 4?

You can use any network provider sim card in your SAMSUNG Galaxy z flip 4 after unlocking it. This entails entering an unlock code, which is a set of numbers into your phone via the keypad to eliminate any network restrictions and allow you to utilise other domestic and foreign networks. You can unlock your SAMSUNG Galaxy z flip 4 by following the guidelines below.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unlock or Galaxy Z Fold 4?

THE SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 4 / or Galaxy Z Fold 4?

How do I unlock the SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4?

Unlocking a SAMSUNG Galaxy z flip 4 phone with an unlock code is less difficult than you might believe. It does not require any knowledge or tools. Please take the following steps:


Get your SAMSUNG Galaxy z flip 4’s unique unlock code right here.

Remove your phone’s original SIM card.

Insert a sim card that is not recognised.

You should now see a box where you can enter the unlock code.

Enter the unlock code from

That’s it. Use your unlocked SAMSUNG Galaxy z flip 4 with any network in the world.



 AT&T, Cricket, ee, Vodafone, orange, o2, 3 uk, virgin mobile, rogers, fido, bell, telus, sfr, bouygues, movistar, tim, tmn, a1, telekom, etc are supported for unlocking.

The unlocking is permanent; you do not need to enter the unlock code again.

For unlocking, all SAMSUNG Galaxy z flip 4 models are supported.

Unlocking a SAMSUNG Galaxy z flip 4 phone is completely legal and safe.



What are the benefits of unlocking your SAMSUNG Galaxy z flip 4?

The most significant benefit of having your phone unlocked is increased flexibility. With your unlocked phone, you can swap sim cards at different times to receive the most value of the various tariffs from the providers, and you can choose whatever network and tariff you want at different times. Unlocked mobile phones have a higher second-hand value, therefore the value of your handset may grow. Many users may unlock their phones in order to use a local prepaid sim card when visiting another nation rather than the pricey ‘roaming’ function supplied by their current network operator.

Why should I unlock my SAMSUNG Galaxy z flip 4?

Hundreds of network operators around the world lock their phones to their networks. So we unlock the phone’s sim locks so you can use any network you want. Unlocking your phone allows you to buy or use a sim card from another network in your own country or even over the world. When travelling abroad, unlocking your phone allows you to change the sim card to a local operator, allowing you to make considerably cheaper calls. It will also raise the worth of your phone if you decide to sell it.

How do I find out if my SAMSUNG Galaxy z flip 4 is locked?

Simply insert a different sim card into your phone and switch it on to see whether it is locked. Make sure you use a different sim card than the one that came with the phone. If your phone does not enable you to make calls and displays an error message such as’sim not valid,’ ‘phone restricted,”sim not accepted,’ or it requests an unlock code, it is most likely locked.

How can you get the SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4 unlocked?

You give us easy-to-find information about your phone, such as the type, imei number, country, and network that delivered it. This data is then used to generate an unlock code for your phone. Simply follow the instructions we provide, and your phone will be unlocked – it’s that simple!

What information do you require from me?

This differs according to the phone. Typically, you must supply the model, the phone’s 15-digit imei number, and the country / network to which it is locked. This is typically sufficient, however it varies depending on the device and solution. In either case, we provide complete and simple steps for unlocking your phone.

Is the original SIM card required to unlock the SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4?

The unlock codes we provide for most handsets must be input without a sim card. Certain handsets, however, require either a different sim card or the original sim card to be connected before the unlock codes would function.

Do I need any technical knowledge?

We provide detailed and simple methods for unlocking your phone. It is frequently as simple as inputting an unlock code onto the phone’s keypad. If you have difficulty unlocking your phone with the codes we offer, we will do our utmost to resolve the issue.

What should I do with my unlock codes? Following our thorough instructions, enter the codes into your phone using the phone keypad once you have received the codes. It is quick and straightforward, and it will unlock your phone immediately.

Can I get a discount if I unlock more than ten phones? sure. Please contact us via our website; we offer professional unlockers great discounts.

What exactly is a SIM card? It is the small (about 2cm by 1cm) microchip card that is inserted into a phone when it is first turned on. It serves as the phone’s identifier for the mobile network. The SIM card is normally found on the back of the phone, behind the battery.

How do I make a payment?

We accept numerous payment methods, including: – visa – mastercard – american express – electron – paypal – others…

Is it safe to enter credit card information on your website? Your credit card information is securely secured and handled on a secure server. For optimal protection, we do not keep your credit card information. We also accept PayPal, which has a Thawte-certified 128-bit SSL security site.

Will the phone still function?

Yes, unlocking just removes the network lock and sim lock that the network enters into the phone software when it is sold to you.

Will the unlock codes cause any harm to the phone? Using unlock codes to remove network restrictions from your mobile phone is the safest method of unlocking available. To remove the network restriction, simply enter the correct codes directly into your phone via the keypad.

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