Order your TLC Phone Network Unlock Code

If your Phone Asks for  a Network Unlock Code, we can provide you with that code to enable you to use the phone with other Network Carriers.

Start by Selecting the Network that your Phone is from and NOT the Network you would like to use it on.

unlock tlc phone

4 Steps to Unlock TCL Phone


Select the Name of the Country and Carrier that your phone is locked with presently.


Find your Device IMEI number by Dialing *#06# on your iPhone Dialer.


Submit your order and payment on the Following page and wait for us to email you the unlock code.


Once you receive our email SIMPLY follow the directions we have provided to insert the Code.

TCL unlock codes are available for 147 different TCL mobile phone models. Over 0 clients have already obtained TCL unlock codes since the start of our phone unlocking service.

Whether you have an older TCL or one of the most recent versions, UnlockMySIM will help you successfully unlock your TCL quickly. There is no need to send us your phone; only supply us with its Serial Number (IMEI) and we will instantly issue your unlock code. 

Simply choose the relevant phone model from the drop down box or type the exact model into the search field below to unlock your TCL immediately. We will quickly give you with the solution(s) to permanently unlock your TCL cell phone from any Network Lock, and at the most competitive price!

If you are lost or unsure at any point, our professional team of customer support specialists is here to assist you with your phone unlocking requirements.

Best Unlock Service for TCL Phones

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Chris Fox
Chris Fox
Amazing stuff!
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Who would have known unlocking TCL phones would be so easy, i unlocked my TCL 10 Plus in and literally the code came is 3 minutes
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No google apps from the google store was needed simply insert the unlock code and boom it was done
Screen lock problem
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Hello i forgot the screen lock password please help
Will be back
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Pro tips for the TCL unlock, remember to reset your phone because sometimes it can cause issue
Got it done
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I was a little shaky about this website but decided to take the risk and go for it anyway. Their prices were by far the best. I was able to successfully unlock my device after I receive an email confirming the unlocking process. It took them less than 48 hrs. I'm very impressed, thank you very much!
So easy
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excellent service and faster than given time

Why Choose UnlockMySIM.com ?

Fastest Solution

Each Country, Network and Model combination has different timings.  We ensure the fastest possible wait times.

Permanent Unlock

All unlocking solutions are permanent and safe.  We use the same unlock method as the manufacturer.

All Models Supported

We can unlock Models where others fail. We boast a  95% retrieval rate. Get it done right the first time. Get Unlocked Now!

Competitive Pricing

Affordable Phone Unlocking for everyone.  Please compare our prices with our competitors to unlock TCL.

Customer Support

Our team of experts are always  here to answer your questions and help you along the way. Send us a message now!

Instructions on how to Unlock TCL Phone by IMEI

Unlock TCL:

  1. Turn off your TCL phone
  2. Insert a sim card from a new carrier (different from the original carrier). 
  3. Turn on the phone.
  4. Unlock the screen by sliding across the screen or by entering your screen PIN number.
  5. The phone will prompt automatically for a SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN
  6. Enter the Network unlock code (also called NCK) that you obtained from UnlockMySim.com
  7. Your TCL phone is now fully unlocked!

Permanent Solution

Use an IMEI check service to make sure your TCL phone is not blacklisted.  The unlocking process is easy.  Select the exact model when using the specified unlock instructions in order to get the phone prompt for the network code on the screen. If your contract has an unpaid bill, no worries we can still provide the unlock code to you.  Before inserting the code it is recommended to power down your device using the power button, upon restarting the phone simply enter the 16 digit network code that we provided. and that’s it your phone is unlocked. 

About TCL

TCL Technology (originally an abbreviation for Telephone Communication Limited) is a Chinese electronics company.
In April 2004, TCL and Alcatel created a mobile phone manufacturing joint venture with Alcatel Mobile Phones.
In October 2014, TCL acquired the Palm brand from HP for use on smartphone.
In 2020, TCL Technology acquired Samsung Display’s assets in Suzhou, China, including a Gen 8.5 fab and a co-located LCD module plant.

TCL models we can Unlock:

  • Unlock TCL 10 5G
  • 10 Plus
  • 10 Pro
  • 10 SE
  • 10 TABMAX 4G
  • 10 TABMAX Wi-Fi
  • 10 TABMID 4G
  • 10 TABMID Wi-Fi
  • 10L
  • Unlock TCL 20 5G
  • 20 Pro 5G
  • 20 R 5G
  • 20 SE
  • 20B
  • 20L
  • 20L+
  • 20S
  • 20Y
  • Unlock TCL 30
  • 30 5G
  • 30 SE
  • 30 V 5G
  • 30 XE 5G
  • 30+
  • 302U
  • 305
  • 30E
  • 3S M3G
  • 560
  • 562
  • 580
  • 750
  • 950

Unlocking a TCL Phone has never been easier!

To avoid any complications make sure you are able to access the lock screen prior to ordering. Once the device is sim unlocked the TCL cell phone will work on all compatible GSM networks worldwide.  Select your phone to get started!

Carrier Check Service

If you don’t know which carrier the phone is locked to you can find out using your IMEI number.

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